Hello, haai, hoi and howzit!

Howzit is how we greet each other in South Africa, my native country.
Haai is how we say hallo in Afrikaans, and haai is also a shark in Afrikaans.
Hello is quite an international greeting form and hoi is the Dutch (casual) variation.
Seeing that those are the 3 languages I am proficient in, I guess we have the greeting part out of the way!

Now for the introductions:
My name is Bianca and currently I reside in the lovely sea-side city of The Hague, in the Netherlands.
In 2009 I graduated with my bachelors degree in graphic- and typographical design.

My interests are quite diverse given that I am a curious, creatively restless person.
So on my blog and website I will explore various topics:
photography, art, graphic design, interior design, food (-styling, -cooking and especially EATING it!) and illustration.

Since 2016 I’ve been working as an art guide in a modern sculpture garden of a private Dutch art collector, namely Beeldentuin Clingenbosch.
I also provide guided tours in Dutch and English in his new modern art museum, Museum Voorlinden, in Wassenaar.

Hope to see you back here often, but if you are too busy to read my blog posts, then you can instead follow me on instagram @bianca_benson_design.
Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your day!


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