Lehnskov beach [Understated Danish Nature]


Understated nature. That is the first word that comes to mind when thinking about Denmark. Soft, rolling hills and, in the beginning of spring, pops of green pastures in between the still winter-clad trees.

For a couple of days Peter and I will be visiting a small town bordering the city of Svendborg. Peter is here for a work related course. And of course I couldn’t miss the chance to work remotely in a different country. This way we both can do what our work requires from us, but we can still see each other every day when he is not on board.

lehnskov_strand1 lehnskov_strand3

Denmark is a quiet nation that is not often headlined in my preferred news sources. When you visit the country the stoic, proud Danes go about their daily business of getting things done without drawing any attention to themselves. Let me just state that in no way do I claim to be an expert on the Danes or their way of life. This is only my (I think) 4th visit to the country. Though by the end of each visit I am more and more enthralled by the demure country.


So far I have successfully jogged every morning since we have arrived in Denmark. Coming from the flat Netherlands the hilly Denmark is a welcome change to my running routine. The Hague Royal Ten, for which I have enrolled, is happening by the end of May and I am determined to shave at least 8-10 minutes off of my total running time.

This morning I decided to run the opposite way in which I usually start my run here in Rantzausminde. They say a change is as good as a holiday, and boy, am I happy with my change of mind on this cool, foggy Danish morning.

lehnskov_strand12 lehnskov_strand11

Looking at this landscape I can completely grasp why the Danes and all Scandinavian nations are such masters at producing crime dramas and – thrillers. This landscape is laden with potential – beauty and horror: during my run I heard a car driving really slowly behind me. It passed me and continued on its way. At that moment I discovered the lovely, deserted Lehnskov beach where I took the photos. While standing on the beach I noticed the slow driving car again, going in the opposite direction, once again driving slowly past me. Of course I felt completely spooked! This incident and the setting in which it occurred inspired me so much I just might start to pen down my own crime drama/thriller trilogy. But please do not fret, I shall keep to blogging for now.

The photos are taken with my trusty iPhone. I just jacked up the contrast a little for your viewing pleasure. Tomorrow I plan to visit the nearby city of Odense and the house of Hans Christian Andersen.



– Lehnskov Beach, Denmark 2016 –

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