Brand Identity R&R Projects [South Africa]




Disabled by polio at 8, Moses worked as a tailor in a factory for many years in South Africa. Earning £46 a month and
then spending £30 of that on the commute to work was financially unsustainable,
so Moses made the brave choice to start up his own little business using an industrial sewing machine gifted to him by a well-wisher.

Moses has found purpose and meaning through his doll making. He is motivated by his love of educating children about animals
and you can see the passion he has for this because every one of his handmade creations is a delight.

Via social media I discovered that Moses was in need of a business card and logo, so I’ve decided to take care of that for him.
I can gladly report that Moses is doing very well and that the orders for personalized toys are streaming in from all across the globe.

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